Personalised Comic Posters

Related FAQ

  • How long will it take to get my Poster?

    We will do our best to get in to you as fast as possible. On average it takes 3 weeks from the day you order to the day your Poster is delivered to your door. It might take longer over busy periods or if we have to wait for your approval on the sketch we produce. In all cases we will give you an early estimate on when we are planning to finish your order.
  • What does the quoted price include?

    All our quoted prices include production of the illustration, print and delivery of your Poster within the UK (with some exceptions). Unlike most artists we will never charge you extra for couples illustrations (couples are not groups in our opinion!) or your house pets as they are part of the family! For group illustrations (3 characters+) we charge a flat rate of £15 extra for each additional super-hero.
  • Can I also get the digital copy of my illustration?

    Of course! You will always get the high resolution digital image before we send you your Poster. To make sure you are happy with the final product, we will never print and post your poster until you are 100% satisfied with what goes in it.
  • I am not from the UK, can I get Poster delivered to me?

    Currently we do not offer hard copy deliveries outside the UK, however, our Digital Illustration option can be used in any print shop around the globe!